Amenities Included

List of Equipment Included

– 2x Profoto D2 500 AIR Strobes

– 1x Aputure 300D II

– 2x LED RGB Continuous Video Lights

–  Strobe Triggers

– 2x C stands with wheels, 102 inches

-2x Heavy duty c stands , 11ft

– 2 x Stainless Steel Light Stand, 86.6 inches

– 1 x Stainless Steel C Stand Light Stand with Pulleys, Max. Height 14.4ft

-1x Extendable crossbar, 9ft

–  1x Motorized Background Stand, holds up to 6 107inches background paper

– 2 x Portable Rectangular Soft box 23.6″ X 35.4″ 

– 1x 55″ Octagon

– 1x 22″ Beauty Dish Reflector

– 1x Clamshell Light Reflector/Diffuser, 66×24 Inch

– 5 x Heavy Duty Metal Clamp Holder – 4 x Sandbags

 – 2x V Flats

– Gaffers tape.

– 2x Apple boxes. Full size


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  • -No Smoking or Alcohol
  • -Leave the studio in the condition you found it (cleaning fee will be applied if left in poor condition).
  • -Leave at the end of your booking time, there will be overage charges if you stay past your session.
  • -Keep music at

All backdrops are free to use as backgrounds only. +$10 per seamless pull/color. Seamless pull: pulling the paper all the way under your feet where you step on it. Please add this during your booking at the add-ons sections if you need to pull the paper under your feet.

Maximum of 10 people per studio. Please inquire directly at for larger capacity shoots.

We do not provide parking but there is street parking available. It can take a while to find a parking spot during working hours.  We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to the location. 

Guests may cancel their Booking until 7 days before the event start time and will receive a full refund (including all Fees) of their Booking Price. Guests may cancel their Booking between 7 days and 24 hours before the event start time and receive a 50% refund (excluding Fees) of their Booking Price. Booking cancellations submitted less than 24 hours before the event start time are not refundable.

We require face coverings in all hallways and common areas.

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